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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Review Neutrogena Shine Control Foundation and Primer

Finally have some time! Yay! Well as you can see this is a review for the new foundation from Neutrogena called Shine Control and also the Shine Control Primer! 

Neutrogena Shine Control Foundation
( My shade is Neutral Beige #60) 

Long wearing
Medium coverage
Natural Matte Finish 
Doesn't feel heavy if medium coverage needed might feel heavy if full coverage is used
Controls oil and maintains matte skin
Doesn't dry out your skin
Has light clean smell to it which can be a con if your not found of it
Has SPF 20

Thick consistency
Hard to get out of the bottle so the packaging although cute sucks for this type of thick foundation
Has a gritty feel to it which is super weird
On the display there were only four shades available but on Neutrogena's website they have 8 so more will come

Neutrogena Shine Control Primer


Matte primer great for oily spots
Helps make up stay in place
Is transparent although gives a slight whitecast
Has a strong clean scent to it which could be a con for some

Has a gritty feel to it
Does not go on smooth as most primers 

Display... it does have samples of three shades which is great to try!

From the sample packet here are some swatches of Classic Ivory and Buff

TOP: Classic Ivory #10
BOTTOM: Buff #30

Classic Ivory is more yellow tone and is the lightest shade in this collection

Buff is the third lightest shade and has more peach undertones 

My shade Neutral Beige 
Natural Light

under other lighting it looks darker... 


Blended in...


Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Mali said...

Thanks for the info I just saw them in ulta and I wasn't if I wanted to spend my money on them.

Michelle said...

I saw your demo on youtube. Thank You for showing how this foundation actually shows on the skin. The one thing holding me back from buying this foundation is the grittiness (most bloggers commented on this). Now, how long does the "grittiness" last? At the point you no longer feel the grittiness, how smooth did the foundation feel on your face and for how long? If you were to compare this foundation to other similar ones like almay stay clean, covergirl oil free, maybelline fit me...which of them; in your opinion, feels the most comfortable and shine free? Sorry for the long questionnaire *lol*

Mei Mei said...

Michelle thanks for watching and reading my blog sorry for the lack of posts. The grittiness does go away once you blend the primer and foundation- feels light . It gives a natural matte finish but looks natural. This does last on me around 8-10hours using primer and setting with powder. Compared to other foundations this is the best drugstore matte foundation they I've found .

Michelle said...

Thank You so much for your reply! Once I am finished with my current foundation, I will nab this one and Revlon whipped! Your answers of my long questionnaire were Highly appreciated! Have a great weekend :)

Tasha said...

you should arrange your ads to the sides and bottom of your blog only please! you have them in-between each post and it gets super annoying as I'm scrolling down the page because they're the same size as your photos and then I'm like "what the heck is that?!"


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