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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bare Escentuals Well Rested Review

Woot Woot!!! This is my first product on Project 10 pan. Obviously before finishing it I did take some pics and swatches for the review.I got mine in a package deal from QVC but on it's own on QVC it is worth $18.00 for 0.03oz! Amazon has a better deal of $12.00 but is only 0.02oz. Mine is only 0.02 oz (.57 grams) and has been with me a while since I do interchange with other concealers and eye brighteners. Well Rested used to be an eyeshadow but is now listed as an eye brightener. I usually use this on it's own or over concealer on my under eye area. This definitely does exactly what it says it makes you look "well rested" since it does brighten the under eye area. But although it does brighten this does not cover real dark circles like a concealer. For days I need extra coverage I use it on top of a concealer. Pros to this product, I do like that since it is a mineral powder form it does not crease or cake up like cream and liquids. To me this is important since I do have two or three fine lines under my eyes and everything cakes in them. To the touch it feels nice and soft plus since they are minerals, it's great to know they are 100% natural. The con is that I think the price is too expensive for the amount you get and wouldn't buy it on its own( I got mine in a kit). Personally I really like it and see the great effect but I think the price holds me from repurchase unless I find another kit deal. The price wouldn't be that bad if there were more product for the amount of money. For example I spent $22 on Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder and it comes with 0.14oz or 4 grams...that's 7 times the amount of product of Bare Minerals 0.57 grams. Who knows, there are many beige shimmery eye shadows, powders and minerals that may do this same effect for less. If anyone knows of a dupe let me know.

Description on Amazon:

Awarded Women's Health and Fitness magazine's "Best Beauty Buy 2006 Award," this eye-brightening shadow base is a favorite among the sleep-deprived for its ability to magically diminish the morning-drowsiness that results from too little sleep or a long day's journey. Well-Rested works as a beautiful, eye-brightening shadow base, and can also be used to brighten dark shadows around the eyes, nose, lips and anywhere you feel you need an extra pick-me-up

On to the pics:

As you can see when I purchased this it was still an eyeshadow.

what was left about three days ago

Swatches in different light settings:

 I have no makeup or primer on in the before pic.
The after pic is just the Well Rested by itself no primer or concealer.

                      Before:                                                              After:

As you can see I don't have super dark circles so it does cover and brighten my under eye.

Close up:

P.S. Remember I am growing out my brows... he he ;-)

Have you tired this? Opinions? Any other recommendations? Dupes?
 How do you feel about the price compared to the amount?

Hope this helps...

Much Love Dolls

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